Healthcare Platform

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Understand how to compare different health insurance plans & companies

Are you confused about the number of insurance plans out there? We bet you have tried and gone through dozens of insurance companies web site and tried to figure out which plans is best for you.

No doubt there are hundreds of plans out there, and a normal individual will surely be confused about how to pick the best plan for themselves or their families

We understand your concerns so we have put together a list of places where they actually show you what you need to look out for comparing different plans on the market.

  1. Insurance Credtio

IT gives a comprehensive guide on how tocompare different insurance plans

  1. 2. Pacific Prime Global health insurance

It provides details on what to compare when you are put there looking for a health insurance plan


An authoritative site where it has lots of information on the topic of health insurance. It gives a detail plan on the important factors to consider when comparing health insurance

  1. Nerd Wallet

A site that provides money tips in general, therefore they have many different tips on how to best compare insurance plans from different companies

  1. Investopedia

An investment site where it also provides a good amount of information of what an average individual needs to look out for when buying insurance